Avatar: Special Edition (2010) – James Cameron

Very Brief Review :
Classical and predictable story .
Amazing , breath-taking visuals .

The Special Edition : Is it worth going back to the cinemas to watch it ?

In this edition of the movie, James Cameron added 8 minutes to the original one. Most of them are an extension to stuff we already saw such as explanation or part of scenes that were cut in the original version. Only few additional stuff brings up new, completely unknown, ideas. And for those who want to see more of Pandora, unfortunately this edition is not going to satisfy your desire .
I personally think it’s not worth going back to the cinema just for those 8 extra minutes.

But, of course, if you never watched the movie in IMAX and you have the opportunity to do so for the special edition then go and watch it because there is nothing better to take a look at Pandora on those giant screens.

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