Two U.S. tourists were arrested in Athens because they were in possession of six human skulls, they said they had bought in a store in Mykonos to celebrate Halloween.

Thursday brought to the court of egregious crimes for “insulting the dead”, the tourists, aged between 25 and 29 years, have finally been cleared. They argued their good faith by claiming that they have found the skulls in a shop in Mykonos and purchased them for 25 euros each. The police did not specify whether those people wanted to buy real skulls or reproductions.

The Americans, who reside in California, were arrested Wednesday at Athens airport, where they were preparing to leave Greece after one of their suitcases had revealed its contents macabre passing the scanner. The Police initiated a search to find vendors skulls Mykonos, one of the most important tourist destination Greek, and determine the origin of these human skulls, according to the Greek press agency Ana.

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