This is a short movie made by Leo Burnett one of the biggest advertising company in the world for an organization that take care of children abuse cases.

Being abused when you are a child is something you will never forget in your life and NOTHING can make you forget it !

In Lebanon, there are a lot of cases but people are not aware of that because victims are afraid to talk about that and they are not well surrounded in their family or school to talk about that. However, there is an organization taking care of those cases in Lebanon : “Himaya pour une innocence en danger”.

Himaya takes care of a lot of victims and work a lot on prevention with professionals in the subject, and this prevention is made on two levels : Children and Parents.

I will surely post soon an article about Himaya where I will give a lot of details about the Organization.

To get back to the ad : It opens your eyes on this subject that is a reality in the world we live in.

P.S: If you are interested in supporting Himaya contact me.