Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010) – Oliver Stone

This movie is the continuation of the famous movie Wall Street of 1987.

In terms of the financial case  this movie is quite interesting and entertaining. However on the other levels this movie is not that good :

I personally was expecting a bit more in terms of directing from Oliver Stone. It is not badly directed but, could have been better.

The cast is really good. However, Shia LaBoeuf does not fit the character he is playing: He is too young or at least we have this image of him. You can not imagine him as an experienced guy in the finance world or old enough to get married etc… This does not mean he is not a good actor.

The (happy) ending was a bit poor, all the story turned in a positive way in few seconds for no consistent reasons. Maybe the story could have ended with a sad end because finally, wall street, today, is far from being a fairytale…