Terrence Malick, director of the well-known movie The Thin Red Line (1998 – World War II movie), next movie is entitled The Tree of Life. The cast of the movie is specially dominated by two amazing actors : Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. We should note that this is the first time Sean Penn and Malick have worked together since The Thin Red Line and that its been, relatively, a long time we haven’t seen Malick, the last movie he directed being The New World in 2005.

The Tree of Life is the story of a family with three boys during the 1950’s. It focuses on the complete life of the eldest son from the day he was born till his adulthood and specially his attempt to reconcile his strained relationship with his father.  Pitt plays the role of the father and Penn plays the role of the eldest son.

I think this could be such an interesting movie that will give us some lessons about some issues in life as it was the case in a lot of movies in the previous years as for example The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or Pursuit of Happiness.