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Let me present you a friend of mine: Patrick Boghossian. He is currently an Economics and Management student at McGill University in Montreal and has a passion for photography. He recently launched his new website ( in which he shares his  beautiful snapshots.

A beautifully designed website with large and high quality pictures and, in background, a nice music selection made by Patrick himself. The website is divided in 5 sections: Home, Bio, Galleries, Calendar and Contact Me.

You will first land on the home page where you can enjoy a slide show of  uncategorized snapshots Patrick took. Then you can go into the bio section where you will find texts talking about his biography in general and about Patrick and photography. Those texts are very interesting because it really gives you an idea about what really inspired him through his life which is mainly his international experience as he says: “The person I am today is the result of international living experiences punctuated by life-changing milestones.” This “international” aspect is also visible in the Galleries section of the website where you will find pictures Patrick took all over the world (Ethiopia, India, Montreal, Lebanon etc…). And if you are really interested in PB photography and what to contact him for any reason you can go through the Calendar and the Contact Me sections where you will find a calendar with Patrick’s bookings and a contact form with contact information.

A very enjoyable website, specially for photography lovers. I enjoy a lot the slide shows with the background music because it let you enter the world of Patrick’s lens.

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  1. Great Website!!!


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