Here are two interesting and impressive ads for one of the biggest name in automobile industry: Honda. The first one is for the Honda Accord and the second one is for the Civic model.

While watching the first ad some stuff can make you think it is made with 3D Computer Graphics, special effects and other kind of tricks however here is what happyd104r, a YouTube, user commented : “To answer everyone’s questions… The tires are weighted. That’s how they can roll uphill. It was shot in two takes, because they ran out of room. It took them 605 tries to get it right. This is not computer generated, real people took real time to make this. They used parts from 2 cars.

Now, concerning the second ad, you may also think that it is done with pre-recorded real car sounds, but I think it is really made with “Human Generated Sounds” (I we can name it like that) and you can also check the video of the choir rehearsal on YouTube by clicking Here.