Here is an ad I really appreciated, specially from a visual arts perspective.

This advertisement, created by Mullen Agency and Psyop productions, is part of the campaign “Plane Extraordinary” for FAGE yogurt, which also launched a new website and Twitter and Facebook pages.

I really loved the slow-motion images, and I think they really are mouth-watering! The beautiful visuals are combined with the narration of a poetic and meaningful text about plainness.

In terms of marketing, I think the art strength will let people know or pay more attention to FAGE yogurt when they go to retailers. However, the question is: will it make them buy it? I don’t think so, because you usually buy yogurt according to taste.

Here is the text narrated in the ad:

Plain was the same as it ever was the same.
Plainly plain…
Samely same…
But then…someone lit the flame.
Plain rode away on lion’s mane.
Where plain met fruits with strangely names.
Such wonderful things they did contain.
A shot of life to a hungry vein.
The captive beast who broke the chain.
And there upon that fruited plane,
is where plain became what plain became.
So much more than more than plain.
Plain will never be the same.

P.S: This yogurt is sold in the US, so here I am talking about the US market.

To access FAGE website click HERE.