Ricky Genest - Dermablend
How do you judge a book? By its cover. Here is a great example of why you should go beyond the cover.
Rick Genest (a.k.a Zombie Boy or Rico the Zombie) is famous for being tattooed from head to toe. You may have seen him on TV shows or YouTube videos and if you are a Lady Gaga fan you’ve surely seen him in the video clip of Born This Way.
Dermablend is known for being specialized in cosmetic products for coverage, wearability and skincare. To emphasize on the amazing results you can get by using their products, the L’Oreal-owned brand hired Rick Genest for their latest campaign entitled “Go Beyond the Cover“. A team of make up artists covered all the tattoos of the Zombie Boy using Dermablend Pro products only and the result was amazingly natural.
The idea is really creative and you will surely be amazed by the performance of Dermablend products.