YouTube New Design
YouTube New Design
YouTube is actually testing a completely new design for the website and there is a way to get the new version if you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as web browsers. Here is how to do it:
  1. Go to
  2. Open Developer Tools in Chrome (CTRL-SHIFT-J for Windows or CMD-OPTION-J for Mac) or open the Web Console in Firefox (CTRL-SHIFT-K for Windows or CMD-SHIFT-K for Mac)
  3. Enter the following code:


Click on ENTER and then go on and here it is 🙂
Enjoy the new design and don’t forget to come and share your feedback with us by commenting on this post ! Personally, I loved the new design it’s always good to have some change…
P.S: If you have a YouTube account you will see more differences and enjoy it more.

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  1. it’s cmd-option(not shift)-j for mac


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