Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads
Last month, I won a coupon of 25$ worth of Facebook ads after participating to a webinar organized by Facebook entitled: Marketing Bootcamp which was very interesting by the way. I learned some new stuff, made sure I understood well the basics of Facebook marketing and got a better understanding of some concepts that were unclear in my mind.
I decided to spend this money on two different ads for my page The JR Express: A traditional one leading you directly to like my page with a 15$ budget and a second one leading you to my post Be The First to Try The New YouTube Design ! – How To Get It? with a 10$ budget. First, I can say that I really loved my first hands-on experience with Facebook ads. Second, and most importantly, I realized that you can do a lot with only 15$ worth of ads on Facebook!
The JR Express Facebook Ad
Let’s talk about numbers:
  • 68,840 users
  • Who live in Lebanon
  • Who like (6 Topics of Interest)
  • Who are not already connected to The JR Express
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Impressions: 208,677 times (number of times your ad has been shown)
  • Social Impressions: 30,578 times (or 14.65% of the total impressions)(the number of times the ad has been shown with the name of a user’s friend)
  • Reach: 29,997 users (or 43.57% of the total target)(number of users who saw your ad)
  • Frequency: 7.0 times (average number of times each user saw the ad)
  • Social Reach: 3,356 users (or 11.19% of the total reach and 4.87% of the total target) (the number of people who saw the ad with the name of their friend on it)
  • Connections: 164 connections (the number of users who liked your page, Responded to an event or installed your app after seeing the ad)
  • Clicks: 267 clicks
  • CTR: 0.128% (clicks divided by number of impressions)
  • Additional Page Likes: 164 (I deducted that it is equal to the number of connections because there were no other activity going on that Facebook could have considered as a connection)
The JR Express Facebook Ad Results
I know those numbers are not impressive when compared to what a company would like to achieve through Facebook ads but, don’t forget that those results were reached with only a tiny budget of 15$. If you can achieve this much with this small amount of money, what about companies that have marketing budgets at least a 100 times bigger than this one? Isn’t this a proof that online advertising specially on social networks like Facebook is much more efficient than traditional advertising in terms of money, reach and targeting?

All the images were retrieved from Facebook.com