In its invitation it sent for its March 2012 conference, Apple said: “We have something you really need to see and touch”. As usual, they never announce what they are going to launch in their conferences and therefore the only thing i could do was trying to analyze this sentence and here is what I came up with based on the rumors circulating on the web: “See” relates to a new Apple TV and “Touch” would relate to a new iPad. And, indeed, I was right 🙂

The New Apple TV:

  • Supports 1080p videos
  • Access iTunes and PhotoStream via iCloud.
  • New user interface (but not yet “iOS style” display).
  • Access to third party applications is made easier.
  • “That’s the new Apple TV and we think you’re going to love it.” ended Eddy Cue.
  • It will be available on March 16th for $99 and pre-order starts now.

The New iPad:

  • Retina Display: 2048 x 1536 display with 3.1 million pixels. “The most ever in a mobile device.” said Phil Schiller who also stated that “Until you see it you can’t understand how amazing it is.”. Supported by an A5X processor meaning quad-core graphics!
  • iSight Camera: 5-megapixel backside illuminated sensor on the back, 5-element lens, IR filter, and ISP built into the A5X chip.
  • 1080p video recording: HD filming with a stabilization software which seems to bring important improvements to footage according to people who watched the demo at the conference.
  • Voice Dictation: Same as the one available on iPhone but, to the deception of a lot of  fans, Siri is not available on this new device yet.
  • 4G LTE: This is the latest mobile internet connection which is about 10 times faster than 3G. In the US, it will be available on contract with Verizon, Rogers, Bell, Telus and AT&T will be the LTE parnters but, there are various bands of LTE, meaning that you will need different devices for different mobile providers. On the other side, 3G is now world-ready so it now works with any provider anywhere in the world: “Whichever one you pick you can roam anywhere around the world.”.
  • Battery Life: It’s still the same battery life as the one on iPad 2 meaning 10 hours but it supports 9 hours on 4G LTE while the old one supported 9 hours for 3G.
  • AirPlay: “Play it on your iPad. Watch it on your HDTV” (As announced for OS X Mountain Lion)
  • Depth: 9.44mm (thicker than the 8.8mm of the iPad 2) – Weight 1.4lbs (Heavier than the 1.33 pounds of the iPad 2)
  • Price: $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB (WiFi) / $629 for 16GB, $729  for 32GB and $829 for 64GB (WiFi + 4G).
  • It will be available on March 16th and pre order starts now.
  • Updated Guitar Band and iMovie iPad apps and introducing iPhoto on iPad.
P.S 1: The name of the new tablet is indeed “The New iPad” and not “iPad 3”
P.S 2: Tim Cook announced at the beginning of the conference the release of iOS 5.1. If you have an iPhone 4S you should be happy about this because it will improve battery life and add a 2G/3G toggle button in the settings 🙂
Once again, Apple didn’t introduce completely new version of products but released improved versions of existing products as they did with the iPhone 4S. Personally, I think it’s not bad because we should be realistic: Apple release new versions of products every year so we can’t always expect revolutionary changes.
What do you think? Are you disappointed? Were you expecting something else?
I would really love to hear your opinion 🙂

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  1. I don’t really think that the new added features are worth the upgrade. The iPad 2 is still fast enough, has an amazing battery life, features great graphics, is lighter and slimmer. I’ve been using it for a few month now, i have like 250 apps installed and it still works perfectly.


    • JP if you were living in a country where you had access to 4G LTE and would watch movies in live streaming it would be completely different. First, because of the internet speed (10 times faster than 3G) and second because of image quality and as Phil Schiller said “Until you see it you can’t understand how amazing it is.”. You may say that he is exaggerating and you may not be wrong but at least you should admit that physically trying it is completely different!
      I admit that if you already have an iPad 2 you won’t get really excited but if you have an iPad1 or don’t have an iPad I think it’s would be a good purchase 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your opinion my friend 🙂


  2. thank you JR for he summarizing!!!!


  3. I agree with JP! It was not worth the upgrade! The iPad 2’s battery life is enough, it’s already lighter and slimmer than the 1st iPad and it’s the perfect size. Sure the camera maybe was a problem, and that might be the only good thing!!
    Mais nice article Jadou! 🙂


    • Dalia, as I said in my reply to JP, the fact that you don’t have access to 4G LTE in the country you live in it would have been a great improvement for you in terms of internet spees and image quality (Retina Display).
      Concerning the camera indeed it’s an improvement but comparing to iPhone 4S it’s a bit disapointing (I’m going to add this in the post).
      Glad you liked the article and thanks for sharing your comments Dalibro 🙂


  4. In my case, I don’t have any iPad and I feel like finally buying one.
    I have the opportunity of buying the iPad 2 64GB for 400$ (used one in really good condition) or buy the new one 16GB for 580 (including taxes).
    I went to the apple store to compare them. I have to admit that the only big significant difference between them is that quality of the screen. You can’t even see the pixels of the screen, flawless quality… But other than that, I think that the iPad 2 works perfectly fine with its existing features.
    I would mostly use the iPad for the calendar, Internet, some apps and maybe a movie! I would love to have the nicer image quality of the new iPad, but just because I don’t feel like spending 600$ on an iPad, I feel like I’ll end up going for the iPad 2 64GB cause it’s a pretty good deal 🙂
    Nice article Jado! Keep writing


  5. If you’re not going to use it heavily for games, movies and 4G browsing, buying the iPad 2 with bigger capacity and cheaper price may be a reasonable choice for you. Of course, there are some people who would pay more just because they prefer to have the latest one but since, I don’t feel it’s your case your iPad 2 choice is wise 🙂
    Thanks for the support bro 🙂


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