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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and it has some interesting content but I have recommendations I personally find will improve it even further and attract people to come back:

    1- avoid smileys
    2- you currently haven16 categories and your posts are unevenly spread out accross those categories. Either remove some categories or make them more generic to include more posts. I am sayinng this because if I came accross your blog through one of your two fashion posts, if I don’t know what this blog is truly about and if I found your fashion post interesting, I might come back from times to times to check if you added more fashion posts and not find anything (in this case). Making more generic categories would be better.
    3- in the beginning your descriptions were too long. Try to keep them short or have more valuable content and avoid the “blabla”. I check at least 10 blogs a day and sometimes when your posts are long and could be trimmed down to a more valuable content, I skip the text and go straight to the video/link at the bottom.
    4- I don’t know if there is a way to recommend similar posts in wordpress, but this would be a big plus. There isn’t in tumblr and I am doing it manually for some of my posts but it’s ugly.

    Im always waiting for a JR Express new post e-mail notification in the morning when I check my e-mails. Keep it up jado !


    • Thanks for your feedback bro! Concerning the smileys I should maybe avoid them and appear a bit more professional while trying to keep a personal tone. What you are sating about the categorization is completely true I should work on this. Texts and descriptions should definitely be shorter and I think you realized that I started doing so in my latest posts. Finally, for the posts recommendation, I don’t have the ability to have an incorporated function through wordpress but I do include hypertext link in some posts. Maybe I should try to do something manually and see if it works well!

      Thanks for sharing your honest opinion, for being a regular reader and for your support bro ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Jad I read your blog regularly and I find it a great source of reliable information. I saw a major improvement in your style an language since you started. Keep that up. My only suggestion is to keep your tone serious. Keep up the good work


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