Dodge Dart Ad
Dodge Dart Ad
After the Volkswagen Polo Dad commercial, here is a new car ad for The JR Ad Selection.
The new  Dodge Dart ad take you through its construction process  which is, I think, a quiet good idea (I don’t really like simple product-focused ads). What’s interesting in this ad is the storytelling style that reminds us a lot of Bref., a really cool French series 🙂
For those of you who don’t know Bref., it consist of short episodes going through the everyday life of a man and what’s particular about it is that the story is told through a voice-over recorded by the main character himself. Bref. is also characterized by its rapid narrating tempo.
It’s a bit hard to explain what Bref. is in words so I recommend you to check at least one episode by clicking here (Of course, if you don’t understand French don’t bother).
P.S: Yesterday the last episode of Bref. was released. Unfortunately, the creators decided to stop the series here.
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