The Power Of Tires Lebanon - Video Screenshot

The Power Of Tires Lebanon - Video Screenshot

Lately, in Lebanon burning tires became a tradition in a country where you protests are a daily activity. created a satirical campaign entitled The Power Of The Tire and here is how they describe it:

“Power of the tire is a satirical piece depicting the current political and economical situation in Lebanon. It is meant to be satirical and does not reflect a real situation, but a personal interpretation.” – Power Of The Tire Facebook Page

Check out the video they produced: Really interesting visuals in an infographic style in terms of design.

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  1. Jad,

    As you former ‘teacher’ I have to share this with you. The other day I came across this site, then got distracted by life and other such nonsense. Today, I was “googling” all sorts of things trying to find this video and guess what popped up? The JR express.

    Good on you, brother, for helping us find all those ‘lost’ bits of information. Your blog is a truly admirable piece of work, and of course your knowledge about the platform need not be overpraised, but damn, son.

    Keep on going. If you keep going and perfect it you’ve got a book deal in the works. Ideas are immune to bullets.


    • Sarah, thanks a lot for all those kind words and support, I really appreciate it! It is this kind of support that keeps me going and motivate me to improve my blog. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.


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