Mashkal Khoury Home

Khoury Home, one of the biggest retail store in Lebanon, launched its latest marketing campaign to promote their latest credit payment offer: They opted for the viral marketing advertisement.

A video entitled “Mashkal at Khoury Home” (Arabic translation for “Fight”) was published today, February 6th, on YouTube. The plot-line is simple and reflects the local culture: A heated debate takes place in one of the retail store branches between a salesmen and a client. The client won’t accept Khoury Home to pay the first bill of the credit facility for the item he bought because he doesn’t need financial help. He leaves with his girlfriend/fiancée/wife and then comes back alone to sign the credit facility stating that he just wanted to impress the women.

It is important to note that this is a common behavior observed in the circles of high and middle-class Lebanese society. Well, of course, this case is exaggerated: No one would refuse being exempted from a payment.

I believe the idea is nice and tailored to the Lebanese audience but, the execution could’ve been better. It is clear from the first few seconds that the scene is staged. In my opinion, they should have filmed it from the perspective of a random customer passing by the sales desk and filming with his smartphone…

It is still early to judge the outcome of this campaign so let’s wait and see!

What do you guys think about this ad?

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  1. I’m passionate about marketing and I believe this is one hell of a way to market a brand. I love what they did. I love how everybody is going to talk about this… And it cost the company nothing. It’s amazing how a low cost and simple campaign will be able to generate more insights than a multimillion dollar ad. Thumbs up Khoury Home!


  2. Completely agree, amazing idea, but execution and script could be much better!
    Ward el Khal, now this, walla seems that we’re improving!!


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