Oreo: Cookie or cream? Which part is the best? An Oreo lover would definitely know this debate and probably been part of it at least once!


The latest Oreo campaign is all based on the “Cookie Or Cream” creative idea and, It all started last week, when they launched their “Whisper Fight” commercial during the Superbowl 2013 event: A huge fight takes place in a library and it all started with two guys disagreeing on the best Oreo component.

Oreo Instagram

This integrated campaign also includes an Instagram activity: You post a picture on Instagram and ask Oreo to reproduce it with either cookie or cream by simply tagging them in your caption (@Oreo) and adding the #cremethis or #cookiethis hashtag.

Oreo also set up sweepstakes (only for US residents) for which you simply register,chose your side of the cookie and get a chance to win “up to $100,000”. That’s not all, the sandwich cookie brand announced three more activities that aren’t available yet: Separator (Coming February 25th), Life Raft (Coming March 11th) and No Wrong Answer (Coming March 12th).