Nivea Stress Test
February 17, 2013

Nivea Deo: StressTest

Have you ever witnessed a manhunt? What if you were the one being hunted?

The latest Nivea campaign, Nivea StressTest, consist of a creative candid camera operation at Hamburg’s airport: “People waiting in an airport lounge, set up by their friends, each discovered that they were at the centre of an extensive manhunt, on the front page of a local newspaper read by an actor, and broadcast on the airport lounge television screen. As the stress levels grew, two security agents approached the hoax victims to ask if they were feeling stressed. A suitcase was opened to reveal Nivea’s Stress Protect deodorant.” – Duncan from TheInspirationRoom.

Felix & Lamberti is the German agency behind this campaign launched to promote Nivea’s latest product: Nivea Deo Stress Protect. The video of the prank published by NIVEADeutschland registered more than 2 million views in the first five days: A creative viral video that would efficiently position Nivea Deo Stress Protect as a great solution for sweat in situations incurring high levels of stress.