Missed Call Touch Feature
Missed Call Touch

“The Missed Calls Days Are Gone”

“Missed Calls” have so many uses within the Lebanese community, and it is still used today on a smaller scale thanks to the availability of free instant messaging applications like Whatsapp, BBM and iMessage. In the latest Touch Lebanon campaign, the Lebanese telecom operator officially position “Missed Calls” as outdated by associating it with 192os silent movies. JWT Beirut created two quite creative TVCs for the promotion of Touch’s latest offering: Cheaper text and talk bundles for prepaid users.

“Movies were silent up until the late 1920s, when The Jazz Singer was released in 1927. Today, silent movies like The Artist still make their appearance but have become quite rare. We’ve decided to add our very own touch to the silent film era with our all new Text&Talk TVCs.” – TouchLebanon.