Nivea Sun Alarm App

You know this feeling when you wake up early to spend your day on the beach and it turns out the weather is not sunny enough? Looking back and thinking “Meh, I could’ve slept more!”.

Nivea Sun Alarm finally brings an end to that by featuring different alarm times depending on the weather. Developed by AgênciaClick Isobar (Brazil), the mobile app is directly synchronized with online weather services and offers the ability to set one alarm time for the sunny weather and a different one for non-sunny conditions. The app will also recommend the best Nivea sun lotion for you according to your skin characteristics.

Made for the brazilian market, Nivea Sun Alarm (Android/iOS) is only available in Portuguese. It’s kind of weird because the promo video above shows the app operating in English but, this is most probably done to increase the “virality potential” of the video and maybe also makes it easier to submit for awards competitions.

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