Amex Twitter

Amex Twitter

Amex Sync on Twitter is the latest payment innovation by American Express (Amex): You can now save on your purchases or even make a purchase by simply tweeting special hashtags. Here is how it works:

First you sync your Amex online account with your personal Twitter account at Then stay connected to the American Express twitter feed to be updated with the latest available offers. If you are interested in an offer simply publish a tweet using the offer’s hashtag (i.e. #AmexFlowerOffer) and the discount will automatically take place once you pay using your card.

Amex even push it further by allowing you to place a purchase directly with a tweet following the same hashtag concept (i.e. #BuyDigitalCamera). The item you purchased will be directly shipped to your address once you send a purchase confirmation tweet (#ConfirmDigitalCamera).

In terms of security and privacy which is a primary concern when it comes to social media in the banking and finance industry, let’s hope American Express has a well established procedure for hacked twitter accounts.