Social Smoking Social Farting

Social Smoking Social Farting

When discussing how harmful smoking can be, many smokers give this excuse of being “Social Smokers”, as if smoking only in social environment is less dangerous for your health.

The Ontario Ministry of Health just launched its latest campaign “Quit The Denial”: A public service announcement (PSA) campaign by BBDO Toronto aiming at social smokers. One of the campaign’s ad is quite funny as it compares social smokers to “social farters” thus making them look ridicule. A great way to stress on the fact that “social smoking is smoking”.

The basic concept of the campaign is creative but lacks a bit of substance to make it more successful. Will the ads ring a bell in the mind of social smokers or just make them laugh? Should they expect a reasonable lead rate to the campaign’s website/FB page if the ads are uploaded on a barely established YouTube account? This may be a bit difficult. However, the good side is that at least now if you want to show someone how ridiculous it is for him/her to be a social smoker you have a good example to tell.


There is also a second, less funny, ad: Social Nibbler.

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  1. I would like to hear your own opinion about social smokers Mr.JR.
    Many thanks


  2. and i terms of social move?


  3. I think that our government is disgusting for spending hundreds of thousands on this garbage. George Carling was funny. This Isn,t


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