Oreo Kit Kat Tic Tac Toe

When Laura Ellen tweeted on March 11th that her love for chocolate made her follow both Oreo and Kit Kat on Twitter she didn’t know that this would lead to some in interesting real-time marketing moves from both brands.


This tweet inspired Kit Kat to make the first move by challenging Oreo on a tic-tac-toe game in what they called “The fight for Laura Ellen’s affections”.

In reply to the first-movers, Oreo decided to praise the taste of the competition and put an end to the game by eating the Kit Kat bars.

It is not easy for brands to perform high-quality real-time marketing but the digital age we live in today makes it easier and it became in a way, a must-have skill. The two famous chocolate brands used different strategies: Kit Kat was an attacking first-mover while Oreo sent a creative defensive reply that helped them position themselves as the “nice people” and their competitors as aggressive challengers.

Comparing the two moves in terms of analytics: It seems like the Oreo reply, that got 336 retweets and 267 favorites, was more appreciated than the Kit Kat challenge that got 266 Retweets and 187 favorites.

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