Wezank Animation Videos

Wezank is a new project created by two Lebanese people: Maya Zankoul and Toni Yammine. It is a great way to visually explain your ideas through simple and fun animation videos.

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How It Works?

The process consist of six steps that can be found on Wezank.com.

  1. Ideation: The team collects all the necessary information related to your idea.
  2. Script: A detailed script of the video is written and sent for your approval.
  3. Voice Over: A professional artist whose voice style seems to be adequate to the context of your idea records the explanations.
  4. Storyboard: The team creates a storyboard for the explanatory video.
  5. Animation: An animation artist will create the animated visuals for the final video.
  6. Music & Sound Design: After the voice-over recording and animation are brought together, music will be added to your video.

For a detailed explanation of those steps check this out: http://wezank.com/how-it-works-videos/

The Importance Of Animated Explanatory Videos:

Today, visual content is the most popular type of online content according to many studies and statistics. Watching videos online became a very easy and accessible process whether you are on your PC or laptop, or on the move through your smartphone or tablet. Having your idea clearly explained through an animated video is an affordable solution to make sure that your idea is well understood and let your audience enjoy the explanation (If it’s well executed of course).

Examples Of Wezank Videos: