FireMe! Feature

FireMe! Feature

FireMe! is an online tool that aggregates all the tweets that could get someone to lose his job. The section entitled “They Want” presents four categories: The first one is for “Haters” and include tweets that express hate towards the job or the boss. Second is “Horrible Bosses” for those who verbally attack their bosses in their tweets. And while the third category shows job/boss tweets that includes words related to “sexual intercourse”, the last one is made for those who may “kill” their bosses and it is called “Potential Killers”.

What’s interesting about FireMe! is that once your tweet is spotted you will receive a warning tweet to remind you that you can get fired because of what you just posted. In addition to that, the online tool offers a service to check yourself by simply entering your twitter username: FireMe! analyze your tweets in few seconds and  let you know the probability of you getting fired if your boss found out about your account.

FireMe! was created by the Brazilian Ricardo Kawase in the scope of his research about online user social behavior as a PHd student at the L3S research center in Hanover (Germany). The tool is simply a twitter search of a set of word chosen by Kawase for each category.

Access FireMe! by clicking here.

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