Arab Media Use Stats Feature

Northwestern university in Qatar published the findings of a survey about media use in the Arab world. It was conducted with around 10,000 respondents from Lebanon, Qatar, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. You can check all the information about this survey, its methodology and the text documents on

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Key Findings:

  • While 61% of the respondents believe that people should be able to express their opinions online freely, 50% of them think that internet should be more regulated in their country.
  • On average, 61% percent of the respondents perceived an increase in quality of news reporting in the Arab world over the past two years. Saudi Arabia ranks first with 84% and Lebanon last with 44%.
  • On average, 48% of the respondents believe that the news media in their country are credible. Saudi Arabia Ranks First with 74% and Tunisia last with 24%.
  • Facebook is the most popular social media platform among responders: 94% of them are Facebook users. Twitter ranks second with 52% followed by Google+ (46%), Instagram (14%) and LinkedIn (6%).
  • On average, TV is the medium with the highest importance rate for information (84%) and it is followed by internet (65%). Newspaper ranks last with 53%.

Arab Media Use Infographic