Viber Desktop Version

Viber Desktop Version

Viber, the famous mobile application for free calls, just released a desktop version of its software. “Viber is now spreading to the desktop after conquering mobile.” wrote Pete Pachal.

With their new desktop version, Viber also introduced a new feature, Video Calls, which was not available before. For the time being, you can only perform video calls on desktop-to-desktop calls but bringing this feature to phone calls is part of the longer term plan.

To download Viber on a Windows PC click here then click on “Get Viber”.

To download Viber on a Mac PC (OS X 10.7 or more) click here and then click on “Get Viber”.

Viber took the inverse path of the one taken by Skype: They started on mobile and then extended to PCs. Will Viber be able to bring down Skype?