Oh, you’re one of those who keep on losing their keys or forgetting them at home? This is something you’ll love.

The Belgian insurance company, DVV, just introduced KeySave their new solution for when you lose your keys. The process is simple: You register, get your keys scanned at their offices, they’ll then add a 3D printable file to a secure database you can get access to at anytime through a phone app and once all this is done you can print out a new key at any time by simply going to your local 3D print shop.

There is no doubt the idea is really nice and useful but, there is still no information neither about the costs of the service nor about the geographical area they cover. Also, it is maybe too early to assume that local 3D print shops are widely available.

If the service proves to be successful, it may get adopted on a much bigger scale by many companies around the world and by that time, local 3D print services should be more accessible.


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  1. Great info . For all the reasons you can guess I will be very supportive of this initiative .

    Can they do , one day , the same for those who don’t remerber where their mobile phone is ????


    • I can indeed testify about how often you lose your phone! Having an iPhone you should activate the Find My iPhone feature and then track it using your iPad when in need. However, since most of the time you lose your phone at home, the only solution is still to make it ring 🙂


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