Bashar Assad Instagram

Bashar Assad Instagram

The actual Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad, joined Instagram (@syrianpresidency) on July 24th. Syria has witnessed a civil war  for more than 2 years now and it seems the president’s team have got some time to create and manage an Instagram account. This means they believe they can achieve quite interesting political objectives through this: Improve the image and reputation of a man considered as a “dictator” and “murderer” by many people around the world.

The content posted on the account seems to follow an interesting strategy far from the food and #Selfie pictures you usually see on the social network. Pictures are varied, they show the president aside with: Masses, Christian and Muslim religious figures, injured people, women, elderly people, army men, kids, artists, graduates, journalists etc. His wife is also featured in many photos.

What’s the strategy behind it? Most probably show a “human” image of the president in times of extremism across the country. It is also important that his wife has a quite tarnished reputation after the leak of e-mail conversations revealing Ms. Assad’s purchases of high-end fashion clothes while the Syrian population is going through war.

With 32,000+ followers, gained in 10 days, will this Instagram presence make an impact? Is it any efficient? Not so sure. Syria has already been through so many atrocities that it would be hard to make a change through pictures.

What do you think? Was that a good move? Is it useless? Is it unacceptable when many Syrian people are getting killed everyday?

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  1. Useless? I don’t think so. Bashar is trying to earn time in order to have a better geo political situation. To reach this objective he has to clear and improve his own image. Surely, he thinks that maybe foreign diplomacies will revalue their positions regarding to the increase of extremist Islamic groups (an increase mainly caused by the regime’s politics during 4 decades..). So the best he can do right now is to restore his image towards the people who still supporting him (especially after the leak of e-mail conversations revealing Ms Assad’s purchases of high-end fashion clothes while Syria is in civil war, fact that you mentioned in your article) and the rest of the world. Indeed this act might be not useless but the least we can say is that it shows more and more the hypocrite level of this guy (and his wife of course).

    Anthony Feghali


    • Thanks for taking time to comment on my post Anthony 🙂
      Assad definitely tries to grab opportunities to improve his image but, I doubt an Instagram would be efficient after all what Syria already went through.


  2. bonne ou mauvaise strategie ma fine ellak mais en tt cas sa reste mieu que les egorgeurs de pretre et les canibales qui publient leurs exploits sur tt les reseaux sociaux
    very interesting article jado
    keep me posted
    do it


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