Audi eKurzinfo App

Audi eKurzinfo App

Audi just launched eKurzinfo (e-short info in English), a mobile app to replace your car owner’s manual that usually remains untouched somewhere in your car. And here you would wonder: Why invest in improving something we barely use? Well, because we don’t use the manual for the only reason that it’s bulky and are never willing to search through all those pages.

Never knew what exactly this button in your car does? Or what this gauge indicates? Or which parts of the engine to manipulate to solve a specific problem? All those issues are solved through the eKurzinfo app. It is true that the content also exists in the manual but nothing beats the augmented reality functions of the app: Turn on the camera, place a button in the frame, the app will automatically recognize it and give you all the necessary info related to it. Even better, when you need to fill the coolant, place your engine compartment in your camera’s frame and you’ll be guided by annotations appearing on your screen.

It is a creative idea bringing a useful and easy to use mobile app that reinforces the positioning of Audi in the technology sector and increases users interaction with the car.

This application is currently only available for the Audi A1, Audi A3 and Audi S3 (from model year 2012 onwards) and “The Android version of this App is expected to be released globally by the end of this quarter (except for US and China)” as announced by Audi Deutschland in a YouTube comment.

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Note: If you are wondering what is the name of the music track used in the promo video, it was exclusively made for Audi and is not for sale.