PooPouri Girls Dont Poop

PooPouri Girls Dont Poop

Men live in an (illusionary) world in which girls don’t poop or fart! PooPouri released few weeks ago an ad that gives another version of the girls’ poop myth.

PooPouri is a great innovative product to fight bad toilet smells, it is so cool I’m sure most you would think the ad is a joke. Being a new product, raising brand/product awareness is a must in the early stages and the well-executed humoristic approach proved to be an efficient strategic move as we can see by the number of views of the spot: More than 14 million views in one month. The ad also pushes to trial. Those great and simple drawings showing how the spray works will make you seriously think about buying one.

In sum, PooPouri used humor to achieve their awareness objective and added a quick focus on functionality to push potential customers to trial and it all seems quite successful till now.

Let us know what do you think of the ad and if you’re getting a spray by leaving a comment below 🙂