Allainz Exotica

Allainz Exotica

I was checking out a series of Allianz Life Insurance ads and was struck by the similarity with Exotica’s Mothers Day ads campaign.

Exotica is a Lebanese flower specialist and they launched in 2008 a successful campaign for Mother’s day entitled “For the good and the bad, thank you Mom”. After the local community expressed its disagreement with the usage of the word “bad”, the agency behind the campaign, Leo Burnett, replaced it with “unique”.

The Allianz Life Insurance ads were part of a campaign entitled “It’s the least you can do.” released in September 2013 and made by the Miami Ad School in Madrid. While Exotica is pushing children to get their mom flowers and celebrate both the “good” and “bad” inherited traits, Allianz is convincing parents to get their kids a life insurance in remission of the transmitted “bad” traits. Still, the creative concept behind the two campaign remains the same. Check the ads out and judge by yourselves!

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  1. Bien trouve . I will look forwared to see the Allianz’s answer ( or their agency ‘s)


  2. Very good find Jad. Interestingly, when the ads were out in Lebanon they did not exactly make a positive splash at the time.


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