BLAZE Bicycle Laserlight
BLAZE Bicycle Laserlight


Bicycles are a really nice transportation mode letting you enjoy your commute while staying fit. However, in addition to the fact that it is not the best option for bad weather days, cycling on the road can be quite dangerous. One of the main safety issues is low visibility specially at night. That’s why Emily Brooke created BLAZE: A laserlight that projects a bike image. You simply place it on your bicycle handlebar, turn it on and here you are cycling with an LED projection on the road in front of you. An innovative and simple idea that helps cyclists be more visible specially in blind spots.

The UK-based team is now taking pre-orders through their website for £125 (around $200) and shipping is expected to start in March. To know more about the product or to pre-order your own BLAZE laserlight visit the official website