Red Bull Can You Make it

Red Bull just launched its new campaign “Can You Make It?”. It’s a real life challenge defying 100 teams of students from 27 countries around the world to make it to Berlin using Red Bull cans as their only currency. Teams can choose various starting points in Europe and have to pass by six predefined checkpoints. They are given a Moto G mobile phone to log in their transactions, an emergency envelope with some money and 24 cans of Red Bull.

Marketing wise the campaign is quite interesting: The brand is reinforcing its adventurous aspect and engaging their target audience through an unusual real life game. It is also a great way to show that money is not a must to survive as long as you “own” some Red Bull cans.

If you feel motivated and want to take part in this super cool challenge, apply here ( The deadline is on March 12th and you first need to make sure you are a student in one of the following countries: Lebanon; UK; Spain; France; Belgium; Czech Republic; Greece; Portugal; Denmark; Slovakia; Austria; Germany; Switzerland; Finland; Norway; Hungary; Sweden; Slovenia; Italy; U.S.; Canada; New Zealand; Japan; Hong Kong; Turkey; Philippines; South Korea.

All the info about Red Bull Can You Make It is available on

Here are two Lebanese teams feature videos:


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  1. check out this lebanese team and their amazing video


  2. It sure is a unique campaign, props to Red Bull. I found the Lebanese team’s video to be quite humorous!


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