You Got A Gift - Online Gift Card Mall

You Got A Gift - Online Gift Card Mall

Gift cards are sometimes quite handy when looking for a gift. Some may argue it makes a gift a bit less personal and consider it a “lazy” option but, at least you are letting the receiver chose his/her gift him/herself. is an online mall for gift cards in the Middle East. Operating in Lebanon, Qatar and the UAE for now, the process is simple: Chose a store from their list of partners, select the value of the gift, personalise your gift with a message and a picture and finally you checkout and send the gift via e-mail, Facebook or SMS. It’s all nice and easy.

The challenges that will have to overcome to become successful would be first to raise awareness about the platform and second to grow their list of partnering shops. Also, I don’t have insights about how popular are gift cards in the minds of middle eastern expats but if there is an interest then this is a great solution.

You Got A Gift is not an e-mall, it is really focused on gift cards specifically. This is what makes them unique. The platform also offers services for group gifts, wedding registry and corporate gifting to reward employees or customers.

Here is a video explaining the concept of You Got A Gift and showing how it works: