NCPG Gambling World Cup Germany 2014
NCPG Gambling World Cup Germany 2014

The NCPG World Cup 2014 print ad.

Singapore’s National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) released its latest campaign in June before the start of the 2014 soccer World Cup. Their ads tell the story of Andy who’s hoping Germany will win because his dad bet all his savings on the team. And while this ad is supposed to make you realise that gambling is problematic, now that Germany won the world cup, some people are starting to think that Andy’s dad is quite a smart guy!

NCPG Gambling World Cup Germany Ad Fail 2014

The top comment on the ad’s video posted on the YouTube channel of the NCPG.

The NCPG should have thought about that. This ad started to go viral after Germany’s victory against Brazil in the semi-finals and that gave time to advertisers to think about an escape in case the Mannschaft wins the final game. Everything ended up playing against the advertisers but, it seems like they had an interesting rescue plan as they continued Andy’s story claiming that the savings are not back yet as his dad never stops gambling…

NCPG Gambling World Cup Germany 2014 Comeback

The updated version of the NCPG website after Germany won the title.