Geek Fest Beirut 5.0 Fashion & Music

Few people call me geek and a lot of others call me “Social Media Freak”, I prefer the second one but what is sure is that I am a techie person. On July 5th, an event is taking place in Beirut (Lebanon) and I encourage you all to attend it: GeekFest Beirut 5.0 – Music […]

SMCL Octavia Nasr Poster

. Here is an event that I would recommend you to attend: Social Media Changing Lives organized by AUB’s Online Collaborative. A very interesting event taking place this Friday, December 16th from 12:00PM to 9:15PM at Issam Fares Hall, American University of Beirut during which a lot of great speakers will talk about the use […]

Digital Media Literacy Logo

For those of you who don’t know, I am a Business Marketing student at the American University of Beirut (AUB) and in addition to my bachelor of business administration (BBA) I am pursuing a diploma in Media Communication at AUB too. As part of my diploma I am taking a course entitled Digital Media Literacy […]