Where Do We Go Now - W Hala2 La Wein Screenshot

There are a lot of really good Lebanese movies, or at least that I liked, as West Beirut, Bosta or Caramel but this one is the best I’ve seen till now! W Hala2 La Wein (In English: Where Do We Go Now / In French: Et Maintenant, On Va Ou?) directed by Nadine Labaki is […]

Golden Globe Award are very famous and considered awards in the cinematography domain along with the Academy Awards and the Cesars. This award is given by the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) on a yearly basis. By the way, the Golden Globe Award always precede the Academy Awards or what is famously known by the […]

The Joneses (2009) – Derrick Borte I would classify this movie as a “Family Movie”. The main idea of the movie is very original, thus you will enjoy more watching it without having any idea about the movie and its story. However, I personally think that Borte should have gone deeper in the subject. This […]