Whoiseyevan is a YouTube user who creates fake trailers for recent movies as if they were made back in the 50’s and the 60’s and even sometimes in the 30’s. Those trailers are called “Pre-makes”. Of course, all the work is done by editing videos to give a retro aspect to the trailers.

A part the fact that it is really well-edited and gives the perfect impression you would have while watching a really old movie-trailer, it is also very enjoyable looking at those movies you know in another way. The most enjoyable pre-makes are those of the movies with a lot of SFX or the 3D animation movies  since SFX were nothing back in time comparing to what we see today and 3D animation didn’t even existed …

For this post I selected one of my favorite trailer: Pixar’s UP. What would UP look like if it was made in 1965 when it was impossible to make an animation movie ? Check the video 🙂