Since the start of The JR Express, I’ve always used a cartoon version of me as an avatar. It is now time to put a touch of evolution to the JR avatar. In the past five years, I learned a lot about marketing and technology and the changes have been reflected in the blog. That’s why I decided to make the avatar grow older. Or maybe just grow a bit wiser.

The JR Express - Avatar

I wanted to shift from a cartoon version of JR to a real picture but didn’t want to go for a classic profile picture. The brick wall was a great way to show an urban aspect, being someone who’s quite present on the ground. And the white color of it is like a blank space which opens a lot of space for creativity.

I hope you guys like this evolution. I would love to hear your feedback!

Note: Special thanks to my friend Dana Hanna who’d been supporting me on making this evolution happen.

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  1. Jado je n ai rien comprisŠ.ca m a l’air top, n’oublie pas que je suis membre fondateur de ton fan club, mais je n ai pas bien comprisŠtu m expliqueras ? bawssak


    • Je change juste la photo qui me représente. Je passe de ma version cartoon que j’ai utiliser dans les quatre dernières années a une photo réelle de moi 🙂


  2. Hello Jad,
    I am much in favor of this evolution. Evolution has always a positive impact and a room for innovation. However, i would have liked that you look straight instead of up.
    Anyway, I liked this change.
    All the best,


    • Well, I didn’t want a classic profile pic. I wanted to keep a fun and approachable touch. The motive behind the look and the face expression is to invite you to think and dream with me. The look takes you “out of the box” in which the picture is. In other words it’s about creativity.
      Thanks for sharing your feedback! I’m glad to hear you liked the change 🙂


  3. I like it 🙂


  4. love it ❤


  5. very symbolic jades. love it!

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