Keep Walking Lebanon

A mix of motivation, strength and resilience. This is what I feel each and every time I watch Johnnie Walker’s 2014 #KeepWalkingLebanon campaign. What an inspiring campaign for all the Lebanese citizens!

It’s the story of a flame rooted in the ground that keeps burning in the face of all the storms trying to take over the cedars land. Lebanon is all about this flame. And what makes Lebanese people special is their resilience. We’ll never stop walking.

Johnnie Walker, with the help of Leo Burnett, does a great job at bringing all those ideas together in one beautiful campaign. That is a great positioning move for the brand. It strengthens the inspirational aspect of the Diageo owned whisky. And both the philosophical concept and beautiful execution of the campaign are consistent with the high-end character of the brand.

Check out the video spot (only available in Arabic):