Steve Jobs Jonhatan Mak

On October 5th the world of technology lost a great innovator and visionary: Steve Jobs. And being an Apple and Pixar fan, I would like to pay a tribute to this great man. Since the death of Jobs I’ve seen a lot of creative works done as a tribute to Jobs and I thought that doing a selection of the best works I’ve seen and sharing them with you, dear readers, would be the best thing to do for this blog post.

Steve Jobs 4e7

Created by 4e7

Steve Jobs Actif

Steve Jobs Aufbruch

Created by Aufbruch

Steve Jobs DDB

Created by DDB

Steve Jobs DDB Triptique

Created by DDB

Steve Jobs Extra Credit Projects

Created by Extra Credit Projects

Steve Jobs Frederico Mauro

Created by Frederico Mauro

Steve Jobs Leo Burnett Columbia

Created by Leo Burnett Columbia

Steve Jobs Mint Digital

Created by Mint Digital

Steve Jobs Raineri Design

Created by Raineri Design

Steve Jobs Eduardo Rodriguez

Created by Eduardo Rodriguez

Steve Jobs Jonhatan Mak

Created by Jonhatan Mak

Steve Jobs Odisseas Galinos

Created by Odisseas Galinos

Steve Jobs Gregbo Watson

Created by Gregbo Watson

Which creative work did you prefer ? leave a comment 🙂

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  1. The screen with his glasses is my favorite.
    Well done Jad!


  2. Greaaat article! Jonhatan Mak’s caricature is definitely the best!


  3. Nice and interesting selection . All are good but I prefer Jonathan Mak’s one


  4. i Sad too……….for many reasons!!!!!!
    Great job Jad ,i love your creativity !


  5. good work mate


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