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MTV Lebanon is one of the leading TV Channel in Lebanon. Personally, it’s my favorite Lebanese TV station because it offers a wide variety of programs: Whatever your age is and whatever your preferences are you will always find something that suit you on MTV whether it is News, Entertainment, Kid Shows, Youth, Technology, Social Life etc… Moreover, after doing a three-weeks internship in the production department in Summer 2010, I can assure you that MTV’s work is very professional and is done by a huge team of skillful and hard-working people.
We are actually living in a world of advanced technology and I wrote this post to show you how well MTV is dealing with the Digital Age: They are surely one of the best in terms of technology and online tools comparing to other TVs in the Middle-East, and can easily compete with other TV stations worldwide.
Let’s take a look their Website and their Mobile Application.

MTV Lebanon Website

MTV’s Website:

The website have two main pages Programs and News.
The Programs page allow you to watch MTV Live through online streaming with a very good audio-visual quality and to get access to the archives (previous episodes) of the MTV programs. Those 2 features are offered for free and this is very rare in the worldwide television industry since most of the TVs which have those features on their website make them available for a specific fee or maybe a subscription. Of course the page also give you access to the weekly and daily programs grid which now exist in almost all the TV websites.
The News page keep you updated about the news all around the world through Live updates or through articles in the highlight section. I won’t say this is something new since there are a lot of news websites in Lebanon due to the unrest of the political situation in the country but, what’s interesting in this Page is that it gives you access to all the news bulletin segments in case you missed the news on TV and to the archive of MTV’s Political Programs.
Free access to Live Streaming and to the Shows Archives gives MTV a competitive advantage over other TV station which only offer TV Grids of their scheduled shows but also over the few TV Channels which offer paid access to streaming and archives.

MTV Lebanon Mobile App

MTV’s Mobile Application:

The MTV Mobile App is available on iOS, Android and will be soon available on Blackberry, Nokia OS and Windows. Here again, in addition to the weekly and daily grids, you have access to live broadcasting, to archives and to the news section. All those features are available on the website but, what is new with the Mobile App is the “You Report” section which is amazing and very useful: No matter where you are and an incident happen you can take your phone or tablet, take a picture or shoot a video of what is happening, upload it in this section and it will be automatically sent to the MTV news department and then, of course, they will decide whether your news/report is worth adding it to the news report or not. I should note that there are just 2 TV Stations that offer a You Report feature: CNN and MTV Lebanon.
With “You Report” you can be a news reporter whenever and wherever you want with just a mobile device !


With both the App and the Website, MTV Lebanon is putting the “competitor” on their side since we know that today internet is one of the main competitor of traditional TV through Live Broadcasting and Video On Demand etc…
To resume all this in few words: Watch live online broadcasting of MTV, check previous episodes of all the MTV programs, stay updated about the news, be a reporter wherever you are at any time and of course access a TV Grid of programs all this for FREE.
Great job MTV Lebanon, keep on !

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  1. your blog post seems to be more as adv to MTV then showing how they are ” dealing ” with digital age.


  2. Very good


  3. I downloaded the app it worked one week then it stopped I uninstalled and reinstalled and still doesn’t work .

    AL-Jazeera live tv tv app works best so far .


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