LG G2 Prank Fake

LG G2 Prank Fake

After the LG Ultra Reality TV prank that looked a bit fake, the South Korean company did a new “prank” to promote its new smartphone the LG G2. A huge box placed somewhere in France pushes you to place your phone to improve its performance. Suddenly, you see a weird guy in a box totally destroying your smartphone before handing you back a brand new LG G2 smartphone (and your original one which was no really smashed).

While I was slightly suspecting the TV activation to be fake, I am quite sure this new one is set up with actors. Why? The “victims” are over-reacting and seems to normally accept the fact that they are given a different brand new phone.

So what do you guys think, real or fake?


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  2. yup i agree.. totally fake!


  3. I think it’s fake.. however, they did give them back their old phones (they didn’t really break their original phones).. so worrying about backups and the information on the original smartphone is not an issue.
    But yeah, it seems kinda fake because the people in the commercial immediately understood that they got a new phone as a gift from LG without asking questions or reacting..


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