Vileda Lebanon Women Sexist Campaign
Vileda Lebanon Women Sexist Campaign


Dear Vileda Lebanon,

As a sponsor of the Lebanese movie Neswen, you recently launched a campaign entitled: “La Yindaf Lebnen… Salmou Lal Neswen” (In English: For Lebanon To Get Cleaner… Let Women Handle It…”). So, I was wondering: Do you really believe cleaning is only made for women? As a teaser for this campaign you posted on Facebook that you are “preparing something big for all the Lebanese women”. Do you plan to empower ladies by framing them with a cleaning mop?

I’m not sure if you know what the movie you are sponsoring is about… I haven’t watched it yet but, I read a quick summary on its official Facebook page and apparently it’s about women who “revolted against the rule of men”. In other words, they fought against the society that frame them as inferior to men and as people who can only work in low-level positions or stay at home, cook and well… clean.

If it is not in your intentions to frame women in that way, then you have a marketing problem… In both cases, as a marketeer and as a man who believes in sex equality, I would say your campaign is a fail!

You believe women should handle Lebanon in order to “clean” it but, who should handle your Facebook page to spare us from your sexism?


A young Lebanese guy.